Ohio Shouldn’t Listen to Newsom on Abortion

What does a governor’s race in California have to do with the state of Ohio? A great deal, apparently. Last month, California Governor Newsom’s campaign paid to promote abortion via public billboards in seven states, including Ohio. Some of these billboards said, “Ohio doesn’t own your body. You do.” This is not a new argument. […]

Pro-Abortion Group Admits None of The Guardian Photos Were of Unborn Babies

Last week, readers of The Guardian came face to face with (what appeared to be) clumps of white fungus growing in a petri dish. Only it wasn’t fungus. These were clumps of “pregnancy tissue.” The photos dehumanized preborn babies. They were obtained from relatively new pro-abortion group MYA Network and were alleged to show “early pregnancies.” But this group […]

Denied Letter to the Editor

We sent the below letter to the editor at Northwestern University. Scroll down to read the rejection. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments!   Title: Abortion Victims Must Be Seen   On September 22nd, the anti-abortion group Created Equal will be on Northwestern University’s campus to show the reality of abortion to […]

“I had to make a decision for myself…”

Growing up with a pro-life missionary as a father, I was dragged to a lot of outreaches and trainings at a very young age. I was holding signs when they were still bigger than I was! Let’s just say it was hard to deny the pro-life position as I grew up; yet I knew I […]

“I Saw True Change…”

In 2010, a few months before Mark Harrington and Seth Drayer would launch Created Equal, I attended a training and outreach event that they hosted at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne. During the training, they showed a short clip from the movie Schindler’s List where Oscar Schindler was lamenting the money and time he wasted when […]