Another Killing Center Is Being Redeemed!

I joined Created Equal two years ago for my first Justice Ride.  We were leading outreaches on university campuses in Florida for several days.  One of the days during our trip, we went to a local abortion clinic, Ocala Women’s Center.  The clinic was not open at the time, but we were able to witness and pray there.

Hundreds of people driving by were able to see our signs of abortion victims, putting faces to the countless babies dismembered in the clinic.  We prayed for all those who suffer from the work of the clinic: the women, the men, and especially the pre-born children.  We prayed that the clinic workers would have conversion and that lives would be saved.

JR clinic (004)

“I remember kneeling on the sidewalk beside the center and praying that one day, by the grace of God, those walls would come down” – Gabriel Vance

Today, now a member of Created Equal’s full-time staff, I saw a news story about an abortion clinic closing in Florida.  As I looked at the picture, I realized it was the same clinic I had prayed would close two years ago on that Justice Ride.

The center has been operated by James Scott Pendergraft IV, who may soon have his license revoked by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration for a long record of misconduct: illegal narcotics, practicing medicine without a license, botched abortions, and most recently an indictment on drug charges.  We can continue to pray that this indictment and the possible loss of his license could spark this abortionist’s conversion.

As for our prayer that the clinic would close, it has been answered. But in another way than I thought.  God did not bring the walls down; but instead, He is turning those walls into a ministry to counter the injustice of homelessness and poverty.

The building was purchased in June by the Interfaith Emergency Service, which will use the former clinic to give homeless individuals shelter, food, clothes, and medical care.

At a place where sin abounded, now grace has triumphed. 

Praise God!  And may He give us the strength to continue to pray and especially take action to close more abortion mills and save countless lives

-Gabriel Vance, Special Projects Coordinator