Apathy to Action

“What is that?” the high school student asked me as he approached the signs we had set up on the public sidewalk in front of Northland High School. The final bell had just rung, and students were beginning to trickle out.

“That’s abortion,” I answered him.

He paused and studied the sign for a few seconds. “That’s nasty,” he proclaimed. “I don’t believe in that.”

Soon after, a group of four students came my way. Hurrying to try to beat the rain promised by a foreboding sky, three passed by, but one student stopped when I asked him what he thought about abortion.

“Oh, I’m definitely pro-life,” he said. “Abortion is always wrong.”

“That’s what we think too,” I told him. “Martin Luther King, Jr. said that injustice had to be exposed in order to be cured, and we agree. That’s why we’re out here: to show the injustice of abortion. They’re not going to show you this in school, so we have to do it out here.”

“So, what do I do?” he asked me.

I handed him one of our brochures. “Start by talking to your friends and classmates. Make sure they understand what abortion is and what it does to preborn children.”

He took the brochure, and set off at a quick jog to catch up with the three students with whom he’d been walking. “Wait up,” he called, waving the brochure. As he caught up, I heard him ask, “You all know about abortion, right?”

Our goal in doing outreach is not just to reach people who are pro-abortion; we also want to move people from apathy to action. We’ve got a lot of outreach planned for this fall. Please join us in praying that God will use our work not only to change minds on abortion, but also to inspire complacent pro-lifers to take action to defend the preborn.