Perseverance Through Discouragement

When I look at the abortion numbers, the movement of the culture, and the apathy of people I meet on outreach, it is easy for me to become discouraged. I spend a large part of outreach talking with people who are either blinded by lies or completely apathetic towards the legal killing of the unborn. […]

Inspiration From a WWII Hero

There are many people I look up to, both from the past and the present, who give me inspiration in this fight to end abortion. But one person who stands out to me is Nicholas Winton. Have you ever heard of him? Probably not, because he was just a humble, unremarkable stockbroker. When he was […]

Difficult Days

Over these past few years of working at Created Equal, I’ve had my fair share of difficult days. Days where nothing seems to go right, days where I seem to only talk to mean people, days where I contemplate giving up. On those days I consider what else I could be doing. Maybe I would […]

My Craziest Outreach Experience

The saying, “No one is really pro-abortion or loves abortion” is false. When I was at Butler University in fall of 2020, our team was greeted with some of the most vulgar and hateful protestors I have ever witnessed. Students there gathered in a huge protest with signs and took a baby doll, drew blood […]

My Wake-Up Call

From a young age, I knew that babies were being killed by abortion. My family often went to pray outside the local abortion facility, and the pro-life issue was top priority at the church we attended when I was growing up. But it wasn’t until I saw the reality: when I learned how abortions are […]