My Craziest Outreach Experience

The saying, “No one is really pro-abortion or loves abortion” is false. When I was at Butler University in fall of 2020, our team was greeted with some of the most vulgar and hateful protestors I have ever witnessed. Students … More

My Wake-Up Call

From a young age, I knew that babies were being killed by abortion. My family often went to pray outside the local abortion facility, and the pro-life issue was top priority at the church we attended when I was growing … More

From Abortion to the Gospel

How do you make the transition from a conversation about abortion to a conversation about the Gospel? Though it might be uncomfortable (it is for me, at least), it’s not as big of a leap as you might think. Here … More

The First Time I Saw a Baby Saved

It was the last day of the 2017 summer internship, and we went to Columbus’s two abortion facilities that morning to pray, witness, and sidewalk counsel. I was leading a team counseling at Founder’s Women’s Health Center, the first abortion … More

“I had sworn I would never go into ministry…”

I was first exposed to the reality of abortion when I was 11 years old. I treated abortion like a taboo topic, and I was falling for the lie that it was a woman’s right. If abortion was totally wrong, … More