Changing Minds on Abortion Isn’t Difficult

Before joining Created Equal, people would tell me you can’t change people’s minds on issues like abortion. “People think the way they think about it and you’re not going to change that,” I remember being told by numerous people.

For anyone of that mindset, I present to you the following video.

Three minutes of interaction with the truth about abortion is all it took for this young man to have a breakthrough about the value of human life and the wrongness of abortion. Now, Ian (the Created Equal member in the video) is a smart and persuasive guy, but he wasn’t doing or saying anything profound here, and he didn’t have to. The case we make is very simple: It’s always wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings, abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being, therefore abortion is wrong. The abortion supporter will counter with all kinds of scenarios where killing preborn humans makes adults’ lives easier but you don’t stray from this basic syllogism.

Of course, a comprehensive survey of embryology and bioethics such as that found in Christopher Kaczor’s The Ethics of Abortion is sure to strengthen your ability to make this argument but it isn’t needed. Equipped with a simple syllogism and images of the victims, anyone can do what you watched in the above video. Here’s an entire playlist of similar interactions.

This isn’t to say that all conversations go this way. Of course, many don’t, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t changing minds right away. Thankfully, it’s not our responsibility to change minds; God reserves that duty for himself. Ultimately, only He can soften the heart but we are commanded us to speak up for the fatherless and defend the oppressed. We have to do our part.

Not everyone is called to full-time ministry, but we are all called to love our neighbor and defend the defenseless. Start creating opportunities to share the truth about abortion with those around you. Lives depend on it.

Note: To order victim image literature or signs for use in sparking conversations, go to the Created Equal store. These resources are helpful, but not necessary, for conversations.