Do You Have 3 Minutes to Learn 3 Steps for Pro-Life Success?

“I think there should be abortion!”

What would you say if someone said this to you? Do you know how to challenge his or her thinking in a way that is direct but does not shut down the conversation? There are three things you must do, and you’ll find them all in less than three minutes in the new video below. Watch one high school student shift from pro-choice to pro-life, and then scroll below to see how you can do this, as well!

Video: 180 Degree Mind Change on Abortion

Many people who are convinced abortion is immoral become tongue-tied when the conversation arises. It’s not that they lack conviction. It’s often not even a lack of knowledge. Sometimes it’s just a lack of navigation skills. We’re unsure how to create, walk through, and end dialogue.

But it’s not hard. Consider the video you just watched. There are three things that made this conversation effective.

Quick Conversation Tips: 3 Steps in 3 Minutes

  • Clarify: In the beginning and the end, Created Equal team member Lisbeth asks the student to clarify her position. In the beginning: “Just to clarify, are you saying that abortion is okay?” And at the end: “So, would you say that abortion is always wrong, no matter what?” This prevents misunderstandings. And, even more important, it underscores for the student her own total change of mind.
  • Ask for Concrete Justification: We often talk about abortion abstractly. But Lisbeth presses the student not to hold a vague view but to verbalize what justifies killing babies. Gesturing to one of our signs, she asks, “What would make it okay to do that to a human being?” Instantly, the student begins to wrestle with her pro-choice views.
  • Compare Preborn Humans to Born Humans: Lisbeth makes a critical connection for the student: “We wouldn’t kill a newborn because he was unwanted, right?” When the student agrees, this moves the conversation where it needs to go. Now that there is agreement we shouldn’t kill a human just for being unwanted, all you have left to do is demonstrate that the preborn embryo, like the newborn, is a human being. (Check out our FAQs for scientific evidence the embryo is a human.)

We are living in challenging days. We need to encourage others by showing them that the truth is still reaching hearts and changing minds!

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