How to Answer & Change Minds in 30 Seconds

Question: What if the mother’s been raped? You’ve heard this one before. It’s probably the most common objection raised when someone says abortion is wrong. Do you know how to respond? Check out this short video to watch young students … More

Have You Heard This Claim? Respond with Our Quick Tips

Claim: Abortion is safer today than in the back alley before Roe v Wade! Have you heard this before? Check out our conversation with Josiah, a student we met, in the video below. He agrees that abortion is wrong, but … More

Yes, We Do Go to High Schools. Here’s Why.

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Hurting to Heal: Talking with Parents After Abortion

Question: Is it really wise to use abortion victim photos when those who’ve had abortions will see it? This is a question our team at Created Equal receives a lot. We know using photos of injustice can change the heart … More