Pro-Choice Pathologist Reacts to Graphic Video

A pro-choice pathologist joins the National March for Life… While this might sound like the first line of some twisted, dark joke, it’s actually a shocking moment from Created Equal’s recent experience in Washington, DC. Most abortion advocates we meet … More

The Question Pro-Abortion Students Can’t Answer

Not long ago, it was considered gauche on college campuses to provide comparisons to Hitler. Students would shout, “Godwin’s Law!” and cancel the conversation like an insufficiently woke Instagram influencer. But in the era of President Trump, which some would … More

Why Pro-Lifers Need Michelle Williams

When Michelle Williams clasped her Golden Globe this weekend and glided into a seemingly scripted love letter to obliterating babies, she provided easy fodder for both sides of the abortion debate. The outrage from the pro-life community is fitting. To … More