Why Do Many Oppose Abortion While Few Fight?

Many people across the nation, if pressed, would say it is wrong to dismember preborn people growing in the womb. Why, then, are the majority of these people not actively engaged in life-saving efforts to rescue actual babies? Check out … More

“Even I can have an impact on the culture…”

Fourteen students dedicated their summer to defending babies full-time with Created Equal! But their journey isn’t over—each intern has made plans to continue fighting abortion in their hometowns or by working full-time with Created Equal. Read below to hear the … More

Watch New “Baby Saved” Video Making People Cry

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Day of Action Puts Recruits on the Frontlines

This weekend, people of all ages concerned about preborn babies converged on Columbus, OH for Created Equal’s Day of Action! This year, we had so many participants we had to rent a bus to ferry them around the city for … More

Know To Defend: Top 3 Pro-Choice Arguments in 3 Minutes

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