From Abortion to the Gospel

How do you make the transition from a conversation about abortion to a conversation about the Gospel? Though it might be uncomfortable (it is for me, at least), it’s not as big of a leap as you might think. Here are three simple ways to effectively make that transition:

  1. Ask the question “Why is human life valuable?”
    Ultimately, the only reason that any of us have value is because we are created in God’s own image. In my experience, this question has a way of revealing what is most important to an individual and challenges them to think deeply about what really matters.
  1. Use abortion to point to the reality of sin.
    Abortion is a violent and bloody thing that demonstrates a clear “wrong” in our selfish way of living. All of this points to the fact that we are a sinful people in need of a Savior.
  1. Challenge moral claims.
    To say that abortion (or any other issue for that matter) is “right” or “wrong” points to a higher standard. Similar to the first point, answering the question of what or who that standard is says a lot about a person’s worldview.

Remember that although these transition points can introduce Gospel truths, none of these on their own can give a full picture of the Gospel message. As those who know the truth, we have a responsibility to be always ready to defend what we believe and to point lost souls to Christ! (1 Peter 3:15)

– Isaac Buehler