Graduation Night: The Next Step

As graduation night commenced last week in a room packed with friends and family, each of our nine summer interns stepped forward to have dog tags placed around their necks—tags engraved with the RESISTANCE, identifying them with the movement forever.

While that might seem a strange token for an intern, it signifies the continuing battle that our interns fought this summer on busy city streets and cracked sidewalks. And fight they did. While the idea of a summer internship usually evokes images of endless busywork and necessary resume-building evil, it was anything but that for our summer 2016 internship team.


Created Equal 2016 Summer Internship Graduates.

Just moments before, we heard the six women and three men share their unique snapshots from the summer—they told of the pleas and prayers spoken to desperate women as they carried their preborn child to his/her death and of heartbreaking stories, whispered by ashamed men and women at Columbus bus stops. And they told of the victories that came when a heart’s apathy was pierced by responsibility to respond to injustice or a burden of guilt was lifted by the words of the Gospel. And with even more joy, they shared the reason for the chalkboard that lists the number of little boys and girls saved from death through our efforts.

But our staff’s greatest victory came when each intern expressed their desire to pursue full-time pro-life work in the future. All voiced similar sentiments to Lauren when she said, “I cannot do anything else now. I have to be a part of the pro-life movement. This internship has changed my entire future, and I will never be the same.”

This internship is a crucial next step that draws clear battle lines of life and death, light and darkness, sacrifice and apathy. There is a longer battle ahead, and we need committed soldiers to pursue justice. This young band of activists is well on their way.