Have You Heard This Claim? Respond with Our Quick Tips

Claim: Abortion is safer today than in the back alley before Roe v Wade!

Have you heard this before? Check out our conversation with Josiah, a student we met, in the video below. He agrees that abortion is wrong, but then says, “I feel like it’s getting better. I mean, like I heard that they used to just do it at the back of salons…just pull it out with a coat hanger. But now they don’t really do that anymore.” How would you respond? Watch the video and then scroll down for tips!

Video: Should Abortions Be Safe?

The “back alley” rhetoric is often effective, but it’s not rooted in facts. Did you know…

  • Former abortionist Bernard Nathanson confessed that he and others blatantly lied to inflate statistics on women dying in the “back alley,”
  • Mary Calderone, medical director of Planned Parenthood in the 1960s, claimed that prior to Roe v Wade, 90% of illegal abortions were performed by doctors in good standing in their communities,
  • And according to the US Bureau of Vital Statistics, 39 women died from illegal abortions in 1972, the year before Roe v Wade? (Find the sources for these details in our FAQ on “back alley abortions.”)

Quick Conversation Tips: What about the back alley?

  • “Safe for whom?” When someone says abortion is “safe” today, ask, “Safe for whom?” It’s never safe for the person starved and suffocated or decapitated, dismembered, and disemboweled.
  • “People follow the law.” Some people say changing the law would not only make it more dangerous but would also not affect the abortion rate. Say, “Did you know that estimates on abortion prior to Roe v Wade range from 70,000 to about 200,000 per year? Within seven years after legalization, the rate spiked to over 1.5 million. People follow the law. Banning abortion would greatly reduce the numbers.”
  • “Should we legalize crime to protect criminals?” We could make it safe for people to rob banks or assault others by making it legal. Why don’t we? Because that would be wrong and would enshrine injustice in the law. Why, then, would we treat abortion differently? The victims are equally human.

Even though abortion supporters decry the “back alley,” they’re creating a new one that is very dangerous for babies and mothers! Have you heard about this? Check out our blog exposing the new back alley. Then share it on social media to tell others about it!