Hearing Truth is “Really Hurtful”?

“It’s really hurtful,” Purdue student A.J. Lucky told reporters about something he’d seen recently on campus. To what was he referring? Flyers and chalk messages posted on February 2nd alerting students to the disproportionate rate of black babies aborted.

Created Equal intern Megan Smith and the Boilermakers for Life group planned the campaign to share an inconvenient truth: abortion is the leading cause of death within the black community. Megan commented, “This is about human equality. It’s about how we are all created equal.”

In an all-too-familiar tale, a vocal opposition immediately rose to rip down the flyers and call the effort “hurtful,” “offensive,” and “concerning.” But what the “offended” students forgot to ask is the most important question: Are the claims true?

Tragically, they are. And while the vocal minority may once again stick fingers in their ears to ignore simple facts, the Purdue team will continue to blow the whistle on injustice. This may be uncomfortable, but it’s far from hurtful. In fact, it’s the only way to move forward in our march for equality.