Planned Parenthood Wants Merrick Garland on SCOTUS. Like Stericycle, He Will Be Exposed. | The Mark Harrington Show

Created Equal believes strongly in exposing abortionists and their enablers so that their monstrosities don’t slip past the eyes of the public.  This strategy should also be applied to pro-abortion politicians and judges who try to live affluent lives and enjoy honorable careers, all while enabling the legalized murder industry to do its work in the shadows.  Judge Merrick Garland–Obama’s supposedly moderate, reputable Supreme Court nominee–SHOULD CERTAINLY BE NO EXCEPTION.  Besides campaign season traditionally being an unusual time for filling a vacant court seat (especially when the replacement is not of the same or similar ideology of the passed Justice), Judge Garland’s RECORD and CORE BELIEFS should raise major doubts about his ability to be an upstanding judge that would protect the rights of America’s preborn on our land’s Highest Court.

Last week, Cecile Richards was caught SNEAKING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE to supposedly lend her support to Obama after his nomination of the “moderate conservative” judge.  The President and Senate Democrats may be presenting this judge as a decent moderate with a record of respecting the Constitution and practicing judicial restraint, but Cecile’s endorsement (and his apparent intent to gut the Second Amendment) flies in the face of that narrative.  

Fortunately, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is holding the line against Obama’s pressure to fill the vacant seat.  He accurately argues that the Senate’s constitutional duty is simply “to provide advice and consent,” and that it is not their duty to approve of anyone the President nominates.  McConnell has also gone on the offensive against the hypocrisy of pro-abortion Democrats, citing the “Biden Rule,” an instance in the 1990’s where Biden directly contradicted what is being said now by his administration regarding nominations during political campaigns.  PLEASE CALL SENATOR MITCH McCONNELL and urge him to stand firm at (202) 224-2254.

Listen to Mark on the radio waves as he exposes the enablers in high places (Judge Garland, President Obama and the Senate Democrats), reviews Project Weak Link and recaps our Spring Florida Justice Ride!

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