Pro-Choice Pathologist Reacts to Graphic Video

A pro-choice pathologist joins the National March for Life

While this might sound like the first line of some twisted, dark joke, it’s actually a shocking moment from Created Equal’s recent experience in Washington, DC.

Most abortion advocates we meet try to dismiss the pictures as fake—a claim for which they eventually admit they have no evidence—or at least denounce them as “triggering.” But this was not the case at the National March for Life for at least one pro-choice woman among the sea of pro-life people.

When she approached our JumboTron TV, we were interested to hear why she supports dismembering little people. But we didn’t expect her to corroborate what she saw on the screen, based on her work as a pathologist. We were further surprised when she narrated the images for us.

Most shocking in the footage, though, is when she struggles to find her words as she watches the babies’ bodies on the screen.

You’ve got to watch it to believe it.