TAKE ACTION: College Frustrates Free Speech

On November 6, 2019, Created Equal’s campus outreach visited Georgia State University (GSU; Atlanta, GA).

Prior to our arrival, the administration issued a campus-wide email suggesting our message would be “hateful” and “mean-spirited.” But that was just the beginning.

On the day of the event, Senior Director of Psychological and Health Services Jill Lee-Barber and Associate Director of Clinical Services Mikyta Daugherty distributed signs reading “No Hate at State” next to our display. Daugherty even stood in front of our signs, obstructing students’ view and refusing to move.

Law enforcement were also stationed in positions obstructing the view of our signs.  Boyd Beckwith, Senior Director of Student Government Association, refused to reposition the officers. The solution he offered was for us to move our signs farther away from students.

After hearing what happened, a GSU staff member sent us this:

I came across your page after seeing someone else share about what happened at GSU.

I work at GSU and I am truly scared for my job if I speak up on campus. Free speech for faculty and staff does not exist at public universities if you are pro-life or don’t agree with the liberal and leftist narrative.

I cannot afford to lose my job and so choose to stay silent. . . . I cannot afford to go public as I have kids of my own to support.

GSU is a tax-funded school. Your tax dollars should not support frustrating free specch.

We need your help!

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  • Call GSU President Dr. Mark Becker (404-413-1300). Respectfully insist he apologize to Created Equal, affirm GSU’s commitment to Free Speech, and assign remedial First Amendment training to relevant staff.