“That Looks Delicious”

“That looks delicious. I love dead babies!” a man said to me as he walked by. “Sir, that’s really sick if you think that dismembered babies look delicious,” I replied. Unfortunately we’ve all heard comments like this one many times while we are out on the streets. We hear people walking by trying to shock, upset, or deter us, who don’t even want to stop and listen to what we have to say. People who are willing to walk up to strangers, look at an image of a dismembered baby, and make a joke about how they “look like chicken,” are at best extremely apathetic; at worst borderline criminally psychotic.


Intern Lauren Metz speaking to a man during downtown outreach.

Apathetic people are a result of the broken culture we are currently living in. We live in a society that has normalized sex as a recreational activity and as a result: abortions. We have made it seem permissible to mistreat other people based on their beliefs (especially pro-lifers out on the streets). Our culture is the reason people feel compelled to tell us that they think that we “should have been aborted.” Richard Yates said it best: “It’s a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or cares anymore; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little … mediocrity.”

How do we break though people’s apathy? How do we make them care about 3,000 babies that are dying every day? We can show them using the images of the victims. Using victim imagery is a very important part of our outreach. However more time I spend doing outreach with Created Equal, the more I recognize the importance of really engaging people. It’s one thing to see the images, and for some people that’s enough, but for some it’s not. For some people, the only way to break through their apathy is to have someone explain to them, and help them work through why it is immoral to kill their child.

-Lauren Metz, Intern