The First Time I Saw a Baby Saved

It was the last day of the 2017 summer internship, and we went to Columbus’s two abortion facilities that morning to pray, witness, and sidewalk counsel. I was leading a team counseling at Founder’s Women’s Health Center, the first abortion facility in Ohio. I directed Hannah, an intern, to speak to a couple that pulled up and parked on the street out front.

“Gabe! I need your help!” It had been about two minutes, and Hannah was walking back towards me. I met her halfway, and she exclaimed, “I think I just talked a couple out of abortion!”

Hannah and I walked back over to the parked car together. I knelt down next to the open car window, to find a young, worried couple. Their abortion appointment was scheduled to start in just a few minutes. Hannah had talked to them about their 8-week-old baby’s development, resources, and the dangers of the clinic. Hannah also showed them a photo of an aborted child to which the shocked mother exclaimed, “I’ve never seen a photo like that before!”

As I told them more about the Women’s Care Center, the mother interrupted, “Can we walk there right now?” Surprised, as I have to convince most women that this is best for them, I said we would be more than happy to take them! As we walked there, we went over lies the abortion mill had told them, showed them photos of a family looking to adopt, and prayed over them before sending them into the center.

We were able to stay in contact afterwards and even see a picture of their beautiful baby girl. It was the first time I had ever seen a baby that God used me to help rescue. It was such a gift. God is so good.

– Gabriel Vance