WNBA’s Seattle Storm are “Playing Ball” with Planned Parenthood

On June 15, Planned Parenthood announced a new partnership with the Seattle Storm of the WNBA. The move marks the first time a professional sports franchise has officially endorsed the nation’s largest abortion corporation.

The partnership involves the Storm giving $5 from the sale of each ticket to their July 18th game against the Chicago Sky to Planned Parenthood, which would total $87,295 if all 17,459 seats of the arena are filled. In addition, the Storm will be holding an auction and political rally in support of Planned Parenthood at Key Arena in Seattle prior to the game.

This is tragic news for preborn children. In America, sports leagues like the WNBA wield significant political power, as the NCAA and NBA displayed in North Carolina over the past few years regarding HB2, a bill that would have separated locker rooms, bathrooms and showers by biological sex. As a result of HB 2, the NCAA held universities in North Carolina hostage over the legislation and the NBA relocated their all-star game from Charlotte.

It is frightening to think that this could happen regarding abortion. The pro-life movement has a difficult enough time as it is trying to get legislators to act boldly on this issue. Should the sports industry join Hollywood, the news media, and the majority of other celebrities in actively promoting the violent killing of children and blackmailing pro-life legislators, our work to restore dignity and human rights to preborn babies becomes significantly more difficult.

The timing of this partnership makes sense from Planned Parenthood’s perspective. Sensing that their access to taxpayer money may be coming to an end, they are searching for new streams of funding and corporate partnerships certainly fit the bill. Not only that, but the abortion industry has a major PR problem following the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos exposing, among other things, the trafficking of human body parts procured in abortions. The WNBA is growing in popularity, making them a good wagon for Planned Parenthood to hitch themselves to.

Whether other professional franchises play ball with Planned Parenthood will likely depend on the response to the Storm’s actions. Should their partnership with the abortion industry turn out to be a good business decision, it is likely that numerous other franchises, particularly those in blue states, will follow suit.

We must respond!

Professional sports franchises are free to do as they wish, but it is our responsibility to make sure they know that enabling child-killing will come at a significant cost to their brand and bottom line. Children are going to be violently torn apart if we do nothing as partnering with their killers becomes a corporate fad.


  • Sign our petition to instantly email Seattle Storm President and General Manager Alisha Valavanis. We must let her know that partnering with those who inflict violence to preborn boys and girls and traffic their dead bodies is wrong and bad for business.
  • Call Valavanis at (206) 217-9622 to compel the Seattle Storm to cease partnering with America’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood.
  • To help us in our efforts to protect preborn children from Planned Parenthood and their corporate allies, donate here.

– James Silberman, Intern, Created Equal