You Can Reach Mass Audiences with Created Equal’s Operation Overpass

We may be forced to wait for final word on last week’s election, but babies do not have that luxury. They continue to die every day and need our help now. If you want to reach a mass audience fast, there is no greater project to bring to your hometown than Created Equal’s Operation Overpass. Check out the quick clip below to see young members of our team give you a peek into the life-saving effort!

For years, we’ve taken images of abortion victims to highway overpasses to reach travelers during busy transit hours. As a result, the babies have often been the focus of water-cooler discussion after busy commutes. For example, we received the following in an email from Sally (Columbus, OH): “I’ve heard men at work talking abortion after seeing the overpass banners on 315. It is amazing how many people you are reaching!”

But while Operation Overpass has long been effective, its importance is underscored in this COVID era. After all, even those hesitant to talk on the sidewalk cannot avoid the signs above the highway.

We want to make it easy for you to replicate this program in your own city! The banners we use can be purchased from the Created Equal store. And after you purchase the banners, our experienced team will be excited to walk you through the planning and implementation process. Just contact us to let us know you have the banners and are ready to begin!