Operation Overpass

Created Equal’s Operation Overpass brings the face of injustice to American commuters. As abolitionist William Wilberforce said long ago: You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.

Operation Overpass exists because there is no “right” to an untroubled day so long as human beings are being routinely butchered and discarded in our communities. We wish there were no need to interrupt a commuter’s morning or afternoon with the tragedy of abortion. But as long as the injustice continues, any concern of displeasing others falls below the priority of loving the victims by exposing the evil that claims their lives.

In most American cities, Operation Overpass reaches roughly 20,000 people in just two hours. While static billboards have their place, they are very expensive and the message is often censored by commercial billboard companies. Operation Overpass leapfrogs traditional media and messaging gatekeepers and goes straight to the people with an unavoidable message of truth and justice.

To be a part of Operation Overpass, order 4X8 banners from the store.