Speaking to Others


The top priority is speaking with mothers. However, appeals should also be made to others present.

  • The father. Let him know abortion affects men, too, and offer literature on this. Explain how the abortion might affect his girlfriend/spouse. Share that he is already a dad but that today will determine whether he is the father of a living or dead child. Urge him to take action–to bring his girlfriend/spouse to speak with you, to text her if she’s already in the procedure room, etc.

Talking to the Father:

  • Friends/relatives. Tell them the facility poses risks for the mother, both emotionally and physically. Urge them to act in her interest by appealing to her to reconsider. Remind them they can make a difference for the mother and child.
  • Passersby. Ask if they know what goes on inside the facility. If not, explain in graphic detail. Once they understand, ask: “What do you think about abortion?” If they oppose it, ask them to consider joining your sidewalk counseling effort.
  • Facility staff, escorts, law enforcement. Explain they do not have to continue to work here, that they are supporting the killing of babies and harming of mothers. Offer resources which assist facility workers in securing other employment, such as And Then There Were None. Appeal to their desire to help women, explaining there are ways to do so which do not involve killing preborn humans. Remember some may be volunteering because of their own prior abortion. Always be prepared to share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which offers forgiveness and healing.
  • Organizations/individuals partnering with the facility. Let them know that this place kills innocent humans. Their partnership with the facility enables the killing.

Talking with Waste Workers: