Sharing Hope


Even if the baby has been killed, your ministry to parents must continue.


  • Assume women leaving have had an abortion. Try to get information on help after abortion to all women leaving. Even if she has not had an abortion, this may influence future decisions.
  • If she says she did not have an abortion, take her at her word while nevertheless speaking about the seriousness of abortion and forgiveness (see below). She may have had an abortion but does not want to tell you. Say, “If your friend had one…” or “If you know someone who has had an abortion…” to provide information she may still need.
  • Tell her about Pill abortions involve two medications. The first is often taken at the facility and the second at home. If she has taken the first pill only, she may still be able to rescue her baby.


The heart of your message should be hope. Even if it’s too late for the baby, it is not too late for the mother and father.

Many women have said they felt guilt from their abortion immediately after it was finished. Point them to counseling resources for those who’ve had abortions.

And, most importantly, explain the truth of the Gospel: God does not overlook sin, but for those who place trust in Jesus Christ, their sin has already been punished. They are truly forgiven. Not only will they not face God’s wrath, but also He makes them clean.

Watch Andrea’s story of hope after abortion: “Healing Where You Wouldn’t Expect It.”