Initiating Conversations



Invite mothers and fathers to come to you. Your conversation or even the simple act of delaying their entry into the facility can lead to a change of heart.


  • Don’t be passive. This is an urgent matter. Use every opportunity to speak to the mother, father, and others at the clinic. Remember they can often hear you while sitting in their car and sometimes even after they have entered the building.
  • Don’t talk over another sidewalk counselor. This can be intimidating and confusing for the women you are trying to reach.


  • Try to reach the mothers before the clinic escorts do. Escorts will try to hinder your access to mothers and fathers.
  • Appear calm. Sometimes it is necessary to project your voice to be heard, but maintain a relaxed posture and inviting tone.
  • Keep in mind that a majority of abortion-minded mothers profess to be religious. Fifty-four percent identify as Protestant or Catholic. Listen for signs of common ground between you and these individuals.
  • Talk to all women as though they are abortion-minded. Some may say they are not there for an abortion to avoid conversation. Even those not seeking abortion are supporting a facility which kills babies and should be urged not to do so.
  • Direct those not seeking abortion to other healthcare options. Those seeking legitimate healthcare, not abortion, can find it at a comprehensive clinic which does not kill preborn people. Check out Find A Health Center for possible options.
  • For more tips, go on to Step Three: Talking with Mothers.