“Even I can have an impact on the culture…”

Fourteen students dedicated their summer to defending babies full-time with Created Equal! But their journey isn’t over—each intern has made plans to continue fighting abortion in their hometowns or by working full-time with Created Equal. Read below to hear the interns’ perspectives on how this summer impacted them:

  • “I have learned how to go beyond just the basic case for life and respond to more complex arguments. One of the biggest ways I learned though was through experience. I will always be able to use what I learned this summer to train other people and to talk to people on the street and at abortion clinics.” – Caleb
  • “This internship has definitely given me more confidence… I now not only know what I believe but why I believe it. I really enjoyed being able to connect the Bible to everything I learned, and I definitely have a stronger foundation for my Christian and pro-life beliefs.” – Jane
  • “It has made me more eager to talk to people about abortion… It has helped me realize that even I can have an impact on the culture.” – Kaylie
  • “It has inspired me to push myself even harder for the pro-life cause… I also have learned to be more thankful for the small sufferings in life and have learned so much about abortion and how to better defend my position.” – Audrey

Summer Internship 2021 Graduates

Created Equal’s internship combines classroom training with targeted cultural engagement to form students into pro-life leaders. They not only study the most effective pro-life arguments (and the most challenging pro-abortion arguments), but they also go to the streets where they learn how to use these in real dialogue. Each week, the interns spent hours outside abortion clinicson downtown streets, and on overpasses reaching men and women with the truths of abortion and the Gospel.

Two of our summer graduates have already applied to join us full-time for our gap-year internship beginning this fall! This program allows students to serve full-time with Created Equal for the duration of an academic year as they consider dedicating their career to spreading truth and rescuing lives.

Please pray for these new graduates as they take their next steps for the babies!