Graduates Step Up to the Challenge

While summer kicked off with our Justice Ride, this was just the first step of an ambitious summer campaign. From the “Riders” we recruited a core team to join us full-time for our summer internship program. What makes our internship unique is the combination of classroom, community, and field experience. Having answers is important, but we need opportunities to use our skills of defense. Lone soldiers can do great work, but being part of a band creates synergy to do more. Read comments from this year’s graduates.

“I’ve seen my relationship with Christ become stronger as I have been around a group of strong believers and as I’ve been seeking to serve Him in very direct ways.” – Hannah

“If you want to become an effective advocate for the preborn, this internship is one of the best ways to make you into a well-rounded, passionate, and versatile anti-abortion activist.” – Isaac

“I know so much more now of the pro-life position than I ever had before. I feel equipped to speak up and make the case. I know I can do this on my own.” – Victoria

Read more experiences from our interns this summer:

Some of these interns will return this fall to continue full-time work. Others will take what they’ve learned to new arenas. But all will continue the lifelong work of defending babies.