Online Training

Jami Beer at Life Defenders

Do you want to defend preborn babies in dialogue? Start here to become equipped. You can also invite a member of our team to bring our training program to you.

The Case

Watch our video “Becoming Preborn Defenders.” You will learn to frame the debate, build a case for the humanity of preborn babies, demonstrate that there is no morally relevant difference between born and preborn humans, and more.


Once you’ve learned the case against abortion, it’s time to acquire tactics for utilizing this content in dialogue. One of the most important skills for building effective dialogue is knowing how to ask meaningful questions. Watch the video below for an example.

For more examples of tactics in dialogue, see our “Talking to Abortion Advocates” film series.


Now it’s your turn. The video below presents common arguments for abortion filmed with real people on college campuses, in downtown squares, and more. After each statement, think of a question you could pose to challenge the speaker’s thinking. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more answers to role play your response to the objections.

See Created Equal Films to watch us respond to these and other arguments.

Digging Deeper

Watch the videos below to expand your knowledge base as you defend human equality.

Understanding the Past: A Brief History of Abortion

Lessons Learned from Historical Social Reform

Approaches for Effective Dialogue

The above three videos and all credits belong to the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.