Get Involved in the Battle to End Abortion

Ian talking to someone about abortion No matter who or where you are, there are things you can be doing to help end abortion. This page will detail many of, but not necessarily all, the ways you can involved.

Talk to Your Friends and Family About Abortion

Everyone has a sphere of influence. Start with your family and friends and make sure they know the reality of abortion and our obligation to speak up for the two-to-three thousand babies being killed every day and strive to bring that killing to an end.

Talk to Your Church Members and Pastors About Abortion

Taking action to defend preborn babies from death is not extra credit Christianity. It’s simple obedience to the commands to love our neighbors as our self (Mk 12:31), rescue those being led to slaughter (Prv 24:10), and take up the cause of the fatherless (Is 1:17). Far too many churches have been silent in the midst of a holocaust. Talk to your church members and leaders about getting involved in the fight to end abortion. If you’d like guidance regarding how to approach your pastors about getting your church to take its rightful place as a defender of the voiceless, send us an email at

Sidewalk Counsel at Your Local Abortion Facility

You can rescue babies and help their parents in the final hour by “sidewalk counseling” outside abortion facilities. Check out our virtual training to prepare and guide you through the process!

And check out this video of sidewalk counseling in action.

More examples of babies saved by sidewalk counselors:

Come on a Justice Ride

The Justice Ride is front-line training for people of high school or college age. Justice Riders get a night of apologetics training from Created Equal Director of Training Seth Drayer before spending a week with the Created Equal staff at college campuses, busy urban areas, and abortion clinics learning how to be an activist. Learn more about the Justice Ride or sign up at

Lead Your Own Outreaches

Abortion needs to be exposed and minds need to be changed. Get a hold of pro-life signs and literature and take the truth about abortion to the streets and campuses in your area. You can make your own signs and lit or check out the Created Equal Store where you can order signsbrochuresdrop cards, and flyers.

More examples of minds changed at outreaches:

Invite a Speaker

Mark Harrington, Seth Drayer, and the rest of the Created Equal staff are available to give talks at schools, churches, Bible studies, banquets, etc. Whether you’re looking for apologetics training or inspiration, we’d love the opportunity to talk to your group.

Volunteer at Effective Ministries

There are many worthy organizations in need of volunteers. If you’d like help finding an effective ministry in your area to volunteer at, send an email to If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, we’d love your help if you’re able.

Donate to Effective Ministries

We should all be doing something to bring abortion to an end but not everyone can give 40+ hours per week. Those fighting to end abortion full-time need financial support and you can help provide that. (To donate to Created Equal, click HERE.)

Track Abortion-Related Legislation and Contact Your Legislators

Those making the laws need to hear from you. Whenever there is an abortion-related vote coming up, make sure you are in contact with them. Every state has a website with a directory of all state representatives and senators. The federal directory can be found HERE. The videos below may be able to answer your questions about interacting with legislators. If you have other questions, feel free to ask us at