Campus Outreach


Abortion victims cannot plead their case, but they can be represented by our signs. We pair images of abortion victims with our staff and volunteers trained for dialogue in order to reach students on high school and college campuses.

These students have abortions. Further, many of them are future decision-makers of our nation. With visual evidence and conversational tools, our team presents to them the case that abortion is a breach of human equality they should oppose.

Once they’ve seen the victims and heard a compelling case for equality, many students are honest enough to readily admit their previous position on abortion was wrong.

Other students need time to process their thoughts and reject their support of abortion.

By the time Created Equal leaves a campus, we know abortion can no longer be hidden behind euphemisms of “choice” and “bodily autonomy.” Students have seen the victims. They’ve heard a robust defense on behalf of preborn babies. They’ve been given information regarding assistance for those with unplanned pregnancies. 

We never see all the ripple effects sent across campus in the wake of our outreach. However, students often send us notes afterward to further comment on the impact we’ve had. One example is Mark from University at Buffalo. He writes,

I want to thank you for coming out to the University at Buffalo on April 27th. I’ll have you know I was on the fence about this topic, believing it should be a choice, but you made me think about what that really meant. I am now Pro-Life and stand 100% with you. Abortion is a horrible thing. Thanks for doing what you do!

Justice Ride at UF

Justice Ride at University of Florida

Will you help us reach students like Mark?

For questions specific to reaching high school students, see our Frequently Asked Questions about high school outreach.