Briggs High School: Apologize for Harassing Pro-Lifers!

On December 9, 2019, Created Equal’s campus outreach visited Briggs High School (Columbus, OH).

After setting up our display on public property outside the high school, 9th grade administrator John Kuijper began harassing our team. At first, he tried to move us across the street.

But when this failed, Kuijper began trying to intimidate us. For example, video reveals Kuijper trying to force Lexie, a young member of our team, off of the sidewalk by walking into her while Lexie repeatedly says, “Please back away.”

When Kuijper’s intimidation fails, he proceeds to interfere with our free speech. He interrupts conversations. He tries to stop students from speaking with or taking literature from our team. He tells students we are “pro-abortion” and that we’re “trying to kill babies.” He even threatens one student, saying he will never charge her phone again, if she speaks with our team.

This intimidation of young activists and thwarting of free speech is wildly inappropriate for an administrator of a public school system.

We need your help!

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  • Call Principal Milligan (614-365-5915). Respectfully urge Dr. Milligan to publicly clarify their policies to assure the public these means of intimidation and interference with Freedom of Speech by Briggs High School faculty and staff will not occur again.