“Abortion saves kids!”

We oppose abortion because it purposefully kills innocent children. But have you ever heard someone say abortion actually saves kids? This is one of those objections that is just so strange, you have to hear it to believe it. That’s … More

“It’s the mother’s choice.” How Should You Respond?

Our team tests the pro-life case in the laboratory of real conversations. That’s why our videos are of normal people having normal dialogue. It’s also why you can be confident that arguments featured in our clips are real ones people … More

Quick Tips Make It Easy to Start Dialogue

When we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with new recruits, like we just did with two buses of students on our Justice Ride to Florida, we often hear that the part they are most afraid of is starting the conversation. They’re ready to … More

The Justice Ride Ends, But the Work Has Just Begun!

Our two buses of student activists have completed their week in Florida. There are many stories to share, which we’ll be doing in the coming weeks, but for now we wanted to introduce you to a few Justice Riders and … More

How to Answer & Change Minds in 30 Seconds

Question: What if the mother’s been raped? You’ve heard this one before. It’s probably the most common objection raised when someone says abortion is wrong. Do you know how to respond? Check out this short video to watch young students … More