The National Abortion Federation’s Violence Report is Fake News

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) released their annual “clinic violence and disruption” report on Monday. In it, they allege that abortion-killing centers experienced a “significant increase in activities aimed at disrupting services and intimidating patients and providers.”  The NAF’s findings are based “on monthly reports filed by its members who make up the vast majority of abortion clinics nationally.”

The report highlights 92 instances of vandalism, 21 of stalking, 36 assaults, and other similar alleged acts of aggression.  It goes without saying that Created Equal condemns abortion-related violence and threats of violence.  While it is exasperating that abortionists commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis, death threats toward them are unacceptable.  For numerous reasons, it is not morally justified nor practically effective to use such tactics against abortionists.  Nonetheless, the majority of “disruptions” are appropriate responses to the mass killing of innocent, preborn human beings.

Take, for example, the measly 78,114 incidences of picketing.  There are roughly 700 abortion-killing centers in the United States of America.  Multiply that by 365 days and there should be 255,500 instances of peaceful abortion facility protests annually.  Step it up, people!

Similarly, blockades (rescues), invasion (Red Rose Rescues), and harassment (calls to repentance) are all legitimate and, in fact, necessary actions in a society that dehumanizes and kills preborn babies.  For these reasons, much of the report can be immediately disregarded.

Further, abortion supporters themselves are becoming comfortable using violence against those who disagree with them.  The increase in physical attacks and vandalism in recent years is undeniable.  Created Equal is often the object of pro-abortion violence and aggression.

This violence is the necessary end of a worldview that dehumanizes and kills innocent preborn babies who are an inconvenience.  Anyone who is an inconvenience to someone with such a worldview should be wary.

Of course, what we endure is nothing compared to that perpetrated against the victims of abortion, and that’s the real issue here.  Abortion itself is violent; lethally so.  The sum violence of every pro-abortion-anti-abortion confrontation in history pales in comparison to a single day of violence against babies perpetrated by NAF members.  By the thousands, they decapitate, dismember, poison, and otherwise violently kill preborn babies in the womb.

Footage from their 2014 and 2015 conventions show NAF abortionists and lobbyists joking and complaining about struggling to crush human skulls, eyeballs falling in their lap, bone fragments being sharp, and legs not coming off when they try to dismember the bodies. These are the people decrying violence.

Thus, the NAF’s report is a sham.  The real violence occurs when abortionists kill preborn babies at abortion clinics, and when supporters of killing babies act out violently against the defenders of life.  Predictably, their report has been uncritically disseminated by the media, Reuters, Yahoo, Newsweek, The Guardian, New York Daily News and others.

Contrarily, it is our position that every single human being holds inherent value. Our opposition believes that some human beings can be dehumanized and killed. We refuse to be caste as the perpetrators of violence when the truth so clearly depicts a different story.