Online Training

Do you want to defend preborn babies in dialogue? Start here to become equipped. You can also invite a member of our team to bring our training program to you.

Preborn Defenders 101

Each short episode in this series combines on-the-street interaction with quick tips for dialogue. Learn how to present the case against abortion and respond to common objections.

“Students need abortion to stay in school.”

Watch an angry teacher say he loves that students have abortions—so they can go to college. Seth provides two easy steps for defenders of preborn babies to respond, beginning with common ground.

“What About Rape?”

Seth talks with high school students presenting one of the most common objections to the case against abortion. Watch to learn three tips for navigating this issue.

Why did he change his mind so quickly?

Who is the audience preborn defenders should seek? Seth walks through another on-the-street interaction to show the power of speaking with those uncommitted to a side in the abortion debate.


Now it’s your turn. The video below presents common arguments for abortion filmed with real people on college campuses, in downtown squares, and more. After each statement, think of a question you could pose to challenge the speaker’s thinking. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more answers to role play your response to the objections.

See Created Equal Films to watch us respond to these and other arguments.

Digging Deeper

Watch the videos below to continue developing your ability defend human equality.