Great News: 400+ Confirmed Hearts & Minds Changed in 35 Days

We’re only midway through the fall semester, and already our team has reported back 423 students who have confirmed to us in person that their opinion on abortion has changed! This number, however, tells only one part of the story, … More

Graduates Step Up to the Challenge

While summer kicked off with our Justice Ride, this was just the first step of an ambitious summer campaign. From the “Riders” we recruited a core team to join us full-time for our summer internship program. What makes our internship … More

Abortion Victim Imagery Awakens the Conscience

For various reasons, most pro-life and pro-abortion individuals argue against the use of abortion victim imagery. This essay will focus on the following objection: Use of abortion victim imagery is done without consent from the victim and/or dishonors the victim … More

False Claims of Fake Victim Photos and Misrepresentation

Two weeks ago, two opinion pieces were published about our outreach on April 12 at Ohio University when we partnered with OU’s pro-life group, Bobcats for Life.  One piece, written by Karinne Hill, was published by The Post, the independent … More