Abortion: Whose Problem is it?

“It doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t care about it.”

Today I had the privilege of talking to Robert in downtown Columbus. Robert told me that since he is a man and single and still in his teens, abortion really doesn’t affect him. I found this interesting since, other than the fact that I am a few years older, he had just described my current situation. Robert thought that abortion didn’t affect him, so he didn’t care about whether it was right or wrong. I am in a similar position as him, but abortion affects me every day. I think abortion should affect him, too.

I reminded him of the whites in the 1800’s who didn’t own slaves and “weren’t affected by slavery” and the Germans in World War II who “weren’t affected by the Holocaust.” These injustices continued largely because people thought that it didn’t affect them, so they didn’t care.


Interns Silas and Adam kneel in prayer in front of Planned Parenthood during one of their killing days.

Abortion isn’t just a problem for women or fathers; it is a problem for all of us.  America is aborting almost 3,000 of its own children every day, and as long as we think it doesn’t affect us, the killing will continue. We, as a country, are guilty of the blood of all these children. As long as we allow it to continue, abortion affects all of us.

I could see the inner conflict on Robert’s face; I was challenging his apathy. He had been comfortable with a neutral stance on abortion because he thought it wasn’t something he needed to worry about. But he was beginning to realize that this isn’t a “women’s issue”, it is a human issue.

-Silas McCulfor, Intern