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What the Declassified FBI Texts Tell Us About the Abortion Debate

FBI texts and related documents declassified last week indicate that disgraced agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have been working as political activists within the FBI to sway the bureau’s prosecutorial recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton and against … More

Miracle Story: A Change of Heart at the Women’s Rally in Washington D.C.

Purdue University student David Kuhn reflects on his experience with Created Equal at the “Women’s” March in Washington, DC: My group had just set up in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I couldn’t help but notice this little girl, who … More

Urgent: ProMedica may rescue Toledo abortion facility

Yesterday, we brought you good news that Ohio’s Supreme Court upheld the Ohio Dept of Health decision to close Toledo’s last abortion facility. Today, your action is needed to keep a local hospital from rescuing this abortion facility. Sign the … More


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