After 48 Years, Will You Give 48 Minutes?

Forty-eight. You’ll be hearing that number a lot this week—because it’s the number of years it has been legal throughout America to kill preborn children (thanks to nine men in black robes). But it’s also about the number of minutes needed to learn how to save lives. Find out more below!

Video: BABY SAVED – Dad rescues child after seeing abortion

There’s a lot of bad news these days. But this should only make us even more committed to rescuing the vulnerable. But while the big picture—making abortion illegal—is too great for any one individual, there is something you can personally do this week to save lives. And it will take less than an hour.

Created Equal is known for creating informed public dialogue on abortion. Our team goes to high school and college campuses, busy overpasses, downtown squares, and more. But while our primary work is to reach hearts and change minds before parents go to the abortion facility, we are also there at the “eleventh hour” when parents have seemingly made up their mind.

We do this to save babies and help parents. But even when mothers and fathers refuse our help, we go to the facilities so that the babies do not die alone.

The best way you can mark the anniversary of the injustice of Roe v Wade this week is by equipping yourself to rescue babies where they’re being killed. And we’ve made it easy for you to do so with our online training.

You can take the online course for free in less than one hour! Here are a few of the many things you’ll learn:

  • What to research before you begin.
  • The top things to memorize as conversation-starters with mothers seeking abortion.
  • How to talk with fathers, abortion facility staff, and more.
  • What you need to share with parents leaving the facility after abortion.

Check it out today!