Yes, We Do Go to High Schools. Here’s Why.

Question: Is pro-life outreach appropriate outside high schools?

Created Equal is best known for college campus outreach, but did you know we also take our team to high schools to speak with students as they go home? One reporter called us the “unexpected classroom” students encounter.

Some people, though, have said this is inappropriate, that high-schoolers are too young. What do you think? Get an insider’s view of our high school outreach with the video below, then scroll down to find out why we do this outreach.

Video: Why Won’t Schools Let Students See This?

Quotes from the video:

  • “I see what you’re saying.”
  • “It [abortion] is not right.”
  • “That’s sad.”
  • “I don’t think people should get an abortion anymore. Thank you very much for informing me.”

These comments from the video are anecdotal evidence that our outreach works. But still, does that make it right?

Quick Response: Why go to high schools?

  • High schoolers are having abortions: Every day, 300 American teens have an abortion (see If they’re old enough to have abortions, they’re old enough to see abortion.
  • Countering the lies: Students tell us Planned Parenthood is invited to their schools. So long as they tell lies inside, we must be outside to counter this with truth.
  • Help: As seen in the video, their friends, siblings, parents are getting abortion and need help. Others are grieving lost siblings. We must be there to share hope.
  • If not here, then where?: Created Equal team member Gabriel puts it well: “If we don’t show it to the people who are getting pregnant and considering abortion, if we’re not showing it to America’s future leaders and decision-makers, then who do we show it to?”

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