“The JumboTron outside the DNC is a great idea!”

“The JumboTron outside the DNC is a great idea! Thank you for all your efforts!” – Catherine This summer, the nation turned its attention to the presidential conventions, and we were there—on the land and in the air. We took … More

Abortion: Whose Problem is it?

“It doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t care about it.” Today I had the privilege of talking to Robert in downtown Columbus. Robert told me that since he is a man and single and still in his teens, abortion … More

Showing Them What They Believe: Day One

“I agree with you. We shouldn’t kill children. I would never do that.” I looked at the spirited protester across a table laden with condoms and signs reading “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life,” waiting for her to continue. After a pause, she … More